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National 5 Numeracy is a stand alone qualification which can be completed after the first unit of National 5 Applications of Maths. Key topics in the unit include, Percentages, Ratio, Proportion and Fractions. It is important that pupils are comfortable with these skills both with and without a calculator.


Arguably the most difficult unit in National 5 Applications of Maths. Pupils are challenged to incorporate topics they should be familiar with from Level 4 such as Pythagoras, Area and Volume. But must now use the skills developed with these topics with real life applications. This unit also involves 'Container Packing' and 'Precedence Tables', cornerstones of Applications of Maths past papers but not something pupils would experience otherwise.


The final unit is a mixture of real life applications in the world of finance and statistical analysis. Borrowing a lot of influence from N5 Lifeskills, pupils are challenged with lengthly problems involving money and budgeting. Pupils are also expected to be able to make statistical comparisons using SIQR and standard deviation much like in traditional National 5 Mathematics.

Rough Timeline

The following is a timeline currently used in Larbert High School. It has been adapted from one that was previously used in Clydebank High School that was developed by the very talented L Carstairs.

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