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Higher Applications very much a work in progress. This year 2022-23 should see much more appearing. First addition is a past paper by topic Powerpoint. It contains questions from HAoM 2022 exam, Specimen papers and the English AQA Exam for Core Maths. There are a lot of different topics so I have just tried to squeeze in as much as I could to make it fit. I hope you find it useful.

Higher Apps Past Paper by Topic Booklet

Next I am starting again to make notes and work for Higher Apps. I am beginning to use more and more of there people's stuff so apologies if you feel I am stealing your hard work and claiming it as my own, that isn't my intention. But at least I'm not stealing your work and charging people for the answers. If any owners of their work would like anything removed then please get in touch.

Unit 4: Planning and Decision Making 

Topic 1: Pert and Gantt charts


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