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N5 Applications of Maths Textbook

I feel that a big issue with textbooks is that they become out of date very quickly and sit at the back of a room for years having spent £20 on each one. It seems like the day of textbooks should really be ending, with online PDFs being much easier to use, anyone can share them and post them on google classroom and best of all I can keep updating them as years go by. Adding more questions similar to exam questions that come up.

Over the past few months I have been trying to create a 'textbook'. I have instead released them as separate booklets.

Firstly, I haven't finished. So the entire course is not covered. I have begun teaching higher apps so I do not have the down time I would like to focus on N5 just now but I hope I can return in the future. I have released what I have made so far so that the early work can still be used by other people and hopefully save some time and with the pupils typically selected for N5 Apps I feel they need to do similar questions to fully grasp the material.


Secondly, some images in the textbooks are NOT from copyright free sources. If you recognise any of the material and feel I am infringing on the copyright of that material please let me know by email and I will have the image replaced or removed immediately.


Lastly, I hope you find these resources useful. Please spread the word on them if you do and then some teachers can be spared a few minutes of their day making their own questions up. As with all my resources, apologies for the spelling mistakes and the errors in my calculations.

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