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Practice Makes Perfect


Paper 1    MS

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Paper 1     MS

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Paper 1     MS

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Pupil Profile

This resource has been adapted from one that was made at Aberdeen Grammar about N5 and Higher. The profile is designed to go through the success criteria of the course and gives the pupils an example of the question. This profile only goes through each topic individually, so it is good for making sure you have covered all the topics before attempting exam questions where they are mixed together. If you would like a copy of the word document then send me an email.

Digital Learning Space


There are two ways to use Quizizz if you are a teacher. You can assign it as a homework so pupils can do the quiz at their own pace. The other is to do the quiz live in class. If you are an independent learner then you can click the 'solo practice' button and do a test or flash cards. A complete collection of all the Quizizz's I have completed so far are linked below.

Quizizz Collection

If you have never signed up for Quizizz could you use this link to sign up. Supposedly I can win 'Swag' if three people use it. I don't make any money off this website so some sweet swag would be appreciated.

Help Me Get Swag


Flipped learning videos, they match the PowerPoints found in the N5 Workshop. Don't forget to like and subscribe. If there are any suggestions for content then send me an email.

Youtube Channel

National 5 Applications Past Paper Question Bank

Just all the past papers cut up into a powerpoint. It was originally done by a former teacher of Larbert High School C O'Donnell. I have merely used the template and updated it with this years as well. All the questions in the powerpoint are solely the property of SQA.

Note: The PPT has links to all the questions to click through but it is unlikely the file will download correctly onto a phone or tablet.

Bank of Starters

This is a bank of starters tailored to national 5 applications of mathematics. Most are a mixture of questions of different topics with a few being a single topic or question. 

This is an ongoing development and so throughout the next year or two I should be able to get to about 50. Last update: 11/11/19

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